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The industry’ transition to IP video surveillance has brought with it many exciting innovations which offer convenience, crystal clear pictures, intelligent video analytics, dynamic storage technologies and much more. Promise focuses on delivering high performance and high capacity video surveillance storage that helps the growing numbers of businesses and organizations deploying surveillance solutions achieve their security objectives within budget.

Promise Technology is the developer of the open storage platform for video surveillance. We develop a range of network video recorders (NVRs) and external storage solutions. Storage is incredibly important as it is the underpinning that makes surveillance ultimately work. There is an increasing importance placed on solutions that help ensure surveillance data is recorded and stored safely no matter the retention period. This is especially true in the MENA region which has some of the highest requirements for video quality and retention time in the world. Our Vess NVRs and external storage solutions are purpose-built for IP video surveillance and Promise is able to provide a solution for deployments of any size – from standalone NVR appliances to scale-out storage solutions for large deployments and video surveillance cloud services.We have some very exciting projects in Egypt with our System Integration partners and MEFSEC gives us the perfect opportunity to meet with our Egypt customers and share ideas with them.

The most obvious trend from our side is the increasing video quality of the cameras used in video surveillance which leads to the demand for more storage. In fact, the raw capacity of video surveillance data was expected to grow by 48% in 2016. With the increased perceived value of surveillance data it can be expected that this will continue to be a key trend into the future.

There has been a wide range factors driving the growth of the security industry, including security threats, progressive legislation in response to these threats and the development of innovative technologies which offer incredible capabilities that can be customized for end-users in different segments.

Over the next few years there will be more developments in cloud surveillance, smart city and cloud-based storage solutions. Currently, we are working together with the main VMS partners to develop surveillance cloud solutions as we are working on some pilot projects around city surveillance as well. With the Expo 2020 coming up in Dubai and the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar there are certainly opportunities for Promise to work together with our partners to further develop surveillance cloud solutions in the MENA region.

They key issues at MEFSEC will focus on how companies from throughout the surveillance industry are collaborating together to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions that keep us safe. This has always been a key pillar to Promise’s strategy in video surveillance as we have developed a strong ecosystem of partners that we work very closely with to offer our shared customers more integration possibilities. Our close relationship with our partners is evident as we will be joined at out booth by companies such as Aimetis, Axis, AxxonSoft, Bosch, and Digifort who will not only demo their products with our NVRs but also host presentations at our booth on the key trends and topics shaping the industry. This commitment to educating the market is also why we do hands-on certified training courses through the MENA region where hundreds of engineers have become Promise Certified Professionals.