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Large scale project firefighting & safety measures



Chairman’s welcome remarks

Eng. Seif El Nasr Inan, Chairman & CEO, Giza Projects; Treasurer & Board Member, Egyptian Fire Protection Association (EFPA)


Global developments in the firefighting field

Eng. Hatem Kheir, General Manager, Kheir Group; Chair, Confederation of Fire Protection Associations – International (CFPA-I); Board Member, EFPA


Integrated fire suppression & safety measures in large projects

  • Coordinating life safety measures with firefighting
  • Monitoring integrated systems efficiently
  • Creating effective fire alarm interfaces for fire protection

Drew Azzara, Executive Director MENA, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)


Integrated situational awareness in large scale projects

  • Digital voice technology
  • Visual evacuation systems
  • Public address systems

Tamer Gaber, Infrastructure & Industrial Leader Middle East, Honeywell


HVAC & smoke management on large scale projects

  • Design principals & regulations
  • Understanding the operational matrix
  • Assessing the suitability of system components

Eng. Ahmed A. Ghani, Chairman, Allied Consultants


Water mist application on large scale projects

  • Why water mist application is efficient in large areas
  • Simple provision of system
  • Cost-wise suitability

Robert Nelson, Technical Manager – Water & Mechanical Products, Tyco Fire Protection Products


Networking Break


Tame the flame: A new look at safety considerations with cladding

  • Selecting cladding & testing product
  • Proper installation of cladding
  • Inspection of cladding on modern high-rise buildings

Bob James, Global Building Fire & Security Inspection Director, Underwriters Laboratory (UL)


The Egyptian Civil Defence’s role when fires break out in large buildings

  • Defining the rolls of all responders
  • Dangers apparent with large buildings
  • Precautionary steps taken

Speaker, TBA


Remote inspection programme for large scale projects

  • Meeting shorter timelines
  • Working closely with contractors
  • The creation of NSPA standards

Eng. Bassem Khalil, Sr. Fire & Life Safety Engineer, Abu Dhabi Civil Defence, UAE Ministry of Interior


Closing panel discussion & remarks

Remaining requirements of large scale firefighting projects

Research & development topics to explore for improved safety

Training considerations for the next generation of firefighters

Summary of conference findings

Moderator: Eng. Seif El Nasr Inan, Chairman & CEO, Giza Projects; Treasurer & Board Member, EFPA


End of Conference