Testing & commissioning safety code regulations & fire fighting systems




New job requirements: Fire Fighting System Inspector

  • Why this new position is needed in the field
  • How the inspector will prevent faults in the line safety systems
  • Experience and training necessary to have the skills to be an inspector
  • Qualifications and approvals required


Smoke Management Systems Testing & Commissioning

  • The matrix of fixed smoke management systems and positive-pressure ventilation (PPV)
  • Regulations to consider when deciding on a smoke management system
  • How much smoke, toxic gas and heat can you expect, in the worst-case scenario
  • Strategic installation of systems to save lives and create easier pathways for fire fighters


Clean Agent Systems Testing & Commissioning

  • When clean agents are preferred to water
  • Technological advancements in clean agent systems
  • Comparing clean agents and their discharge systems
  • How to commission a system for maximum coverage at minimal cost


Fire Pumps Testing & Commissioning

  • Choosing a safe & effective power source: diesel, electric
  • Setting the fire pumps pressure to assure the pumps are the first line of defence in fire suppression system
  • Field acceptance testing of fire pumps
  • Training users of the fire pumps operation


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Water Sprinkler, Water Mist Systems Testing & Commissioning

  • Deciding between sprinkler and mist systems, based on the space and the costs
  • Maintenance of a system to assure maximum effectiveness
  • Connecting with a reliable water supply
  • Integrating these systems into a full fire suppression system


Lessons in regulation from the London Tower Fire

  • Examination of development of UK Fire Code before Grenfell
  • Ways the fire could have been prevented
  • What needs to change
  • The appropriateness of using combustible building materials in high rise and complex structures


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