2018 MEFSEC Conference Agenda - Sunday 18 November 2018

12:15    Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Eng. Seif El Nasr Inan, Chairman & CEO, Giza Projects; Treasurer & Board Member, Egyptian Fire Protection Association (EFPA) (Egypt)


12:30    Smoke Management Systems Testing & Commissioning

·        The matrix of fixed smoke management systems and positive-pressure ventilation (PPV)

·        Regulations to consider when deciding on a smoke management system

·        How much smoke, toxic gas and heat can you expect, in the worst-case scenario?

·        Strategic installation of systems to save lives and create easier pathways for fire fighters

Eng. Ahmed Abdel Ghany, Chairman, Allied Consultants (Egypt)

Dr. Ahmed Medhat, Board Member, Buildings Research Centre (Egypt)


13:15    Clean Agent Systems Testing & Commissioning

·        When clean agents are preferred to water

·        Technological advancements in clean agent systems

·        Comparing clean agents and their discharge systems

·        How to commission a system for maximum coverage at minimal cost

NFPA (invited)


14:00    Fire Pumps Testing & Commissioning

·        Choosing a safe & effective power source: diesel, electric, steam

·        Ideal pressure to assure the pumps are the first line of defence in fire suppression

·        Placement and testing of fire pumps

·        Training users of the fire pumps in case of emergency

Eng. Hatem Kheir, General Manager, Kheir Group; Chair CFPA-I; Board Member, Egyptian Fire Protection Association (EFPA) (Egypt)


14:30    Break


15:30    Foam Systems Testing & Commissioning

·        When foam systems are preferred

·        Maintenance of a system to assure maximum effectiveness

·        Connecting with a reliable water supply

·        Integrating these systems into a full fire suppression system

Eng. Mahmoud Omar, Ghonsons Controle Corp.


16:15    Lessons in regulations from the London Tower Fire

·        Examination of development of UK Fire Code before Grenfell

·        Ways the fire could have been prevented

·        What needs to change

·        The appropriateness of using combustible building materials in high rise and complex structures.

Ghonathan O’Neil, Managing Director, FPA (England)


17:00    End